Design and Technolgy

Welcome to Design and Technology at Highfield!


Marble Run Competition 2017

This Summer term, children from Nursery to Year 6 participated in a competition where they had to create a marble run. Their designs were judged on the design and the time taken for the marble to reach the end of the run. The winners in Year 1 and 2 were Azad, Amaan, Sophie, Charlie and Suheyla in 1S whose marble took 7.37 seconds from start to finish. The winners in Year 3 and 4 were Carmen, Lara, Christiana, Zoha and Rizan in 3M whose marble took 6.44 seconds from start to finish and the winners in Year 5 and 6 were Tarik, Beyza, Monika, Konstantina and Viktor in 5S whose marble took 20.85 from start to finish.



As a school, we actively encourage children to be creative in all areas. As part of that process we follow an exciting creative curriculum that includes cross curricular and creative DT teaching.

National Curriculum Changes

The new National Curriculum has seen significant changes to the DT Curriculum, which include:

  • Teaching and encouraging the importance of making on-going changes and improvements during both the design and making stages.
  • A greater emphasis on creating ‘innovative’ products (KS2)
  • Researching key events and individuals (KS2).
  • The introduction of computing and coding of products (KS2)
  • The curriculum being streamed into two main strands: ‘Designing & Making’ and ‘Cooking & Nutrition’
  • Encouraging children to consider the seasonality of ingredients and how they are grown, caught or reared.

Design and Technology at Highfield

At Highfield, we encourage our children to be creative thinkers and be analytical of current designs and products. We undertake a cross curricular approach and aim to design and make products linked to our curriculum topics.

Since the start of the year, the following projects and cross curricular links have been made:

Year Group Product/ Project Cross Curricular Link
R Building a spaceship, making space suits and control boards Linked to whole school ‘Earth and Space, Time and Place’ topic
1 ‘Once upon a time’ Story Boxes Linked to English and Whole school ‘Once Upon A Time Topic’.
2 Fire of London Biscuit baking Linked to History ‘Fire of London’ topic
3 Building London Landmarks (inspired by school trip) Linked to Art and Literacy.
4 Christmas Dioramas with Electrical elements Linked to Science ‘Electricity’ topic

Jumping Jacks

Greek Pots

Linked to Science ‘Forces’ Unit.

Linked to History ‘Ancient Greek’ Unit.

6 Props for Year 6 production

Linked to English and Drama.




To further enhance children’s enjoyment for the subject and develop their skillset the following clubs will be running throughout the year.

Sewing: Tuesday Lunchtimes

Art and DT Club:  Miss MacIver and Miss Modeste are planning to run an Art and DT club again this year, planned to start in the summer term. Last year children from Year 1 to 6 were chosen to take part in the afterschool club.


Fun ways to develop your child’s Design Technology Skills.


Encourage children to design and make their own products using recycled materials found at home. This will encourage them to experiment with different ways of joining materials together and has great links to geography and looking after our environment.


Take a trip to the Design Museum

Explore inventions both past and present! For the first time the Design Museum currently has a permanent installation and they have free bookable sessions, perfect for a day trip filled with fun. For further details see:


How do things work?

Go on a walk around your local area and see whether you can determine how different objects were made and how they work. Share your experiences of how inventions (like the telephone or car) have changed in your lifetime.


Ready. Steady. Cook!

Have your own bake off, design and make a picnic or make a family favourite. This is a great way to develop mixing, measuring and cooking skills with your child.


Lego Challenge

Challenge your child to use a modelling material like Lego to build a structure. This can include recreating a famous London Landmark or building the structure of your dreams.