6G – Condover Hall and Activity Week

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On the 10th of June , 2013 year 6 went to Condover Hall for 4 days. We enjoyed swimming because the teachers jumped in the pool! We experienced fencing which was our favourite. Another of my favourite activities was absailing and grid-of-stones. Here we had to create a pattern on the ground, this was fun! The laser maze was also fun. It was a great experience because we learnt lots of skills and bonded with our friends.

By Lola and Klarinda

We enjoyed all the activities, a few of the activities were tricky and we enjoyed going on the tight rope, unicycle, stilts and the mini bike. We also practised juggling with scarves and balls. Everyone had a brilliant and fantastic time they! Many people fell off the equipment, everybody was good at something. We also enjoyed spinning plates on our fingers. We had a challenge which we had to balance a peacock feather on the palm of our hands. People had races on the equipment.

We all enjoyed doing the stained glass. We can’t wait to see how it will look when it is all put together.

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