5K – Spring 2014 Highlights

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Edwardian Day PE

5K-2As part of our centenary celebrations TO mark 100 years of Highfield, 5K and a very strict Mr. Kennedy took part in an ‘Edwardian Day – style P.E. drilling session’. All children from all three year 5 classes took part. ‘Drilling’ was an activity that children did instead of P.E. back in 1914. Ms. Walsh and Ms. Wren all were in costume. They had to be even stricter with children. Any children that didn’t follow the instructions of ‘move forward, lunge and stand straight’ were punished with 200 press-ups!

Mahsheed from 5k said “I really enjoyed the whole day, but I wouldn’t have liked to being a child back in Edwardian times”.

Dumitru from 5k said “I didn’t like the P.E. session as it was very hard work “.



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