5K – Autumn Term Highlight

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Class 5K enjoyed a fantastic Greek Day with the rest of Year 5 on Friday 25th October 2013.
The children and staff came dressed up as Ancient Greeks and had a fun filled day of tasting traditional food, singing Greek songs, taking part in a Greek Olympics and Greek dancing.
Abbey from 5K said, “I really enjoyed the Greek dancing and food”

There was a great competitive spirit during the Olympics as the two teams battled in the hurdles, discus event and shot put throwing. Luka threw the ball the furthest!
Mrs Stoughton taught the children a Greek dance. Twirling, kicking, jumping and clapping, the children danced all together. Nino from 5K said, “I feel so confident in Greek dancing that I can now teach my parents it.”
5K felt that they wished they could have more days like this, as it helped to make their learning experience more fun and memorable!


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