4S – Spring 2014 Highlights

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Class Assembly

On Friday 14th February we performed our class assembly to Key Stage Two and parents & carers. We took the audience back in time 100 years ago to show them what school life was like. 4S performed a drill exercise routine, met the scary Head teacher, Mr Ling, and even stopped by in the 1960s to sing with The Beatles!


4S thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the audience was captivated by their singing, dancing and time travelling!

Year 4 CLC Trip

In March Year 4 visited the City Learning Center in Enfield Town as part of our ICT Word Processing topic. It was Year 4’s turn to write Hi Highfield and we learnt lots of new skills to help us produce the fantastic Centenary edition! We were shown how to make the pages look aged, use old-style fonts and put writing into columns.

We had a wonderful time and it was exciting transferring our skills onto a proper newsletter!


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