4S – Autumn Term Highlights

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Mr Window’s visit

In September, Mr Window from Kier visited Year 4. We were writing newspaper articles about the new school building and wanted more information.
“The experience was fantastic. This was because he gave us loads of information about the new school building and what we should write about,” explained Joseph.
“Mr Window told us that the new school building would be 6 metres tall and that they had to cut lots of trees down because it was not level,” Zahra M told Miss Sutton.
It was a brilliant experience for Year 4 and we learnt lots about how the school was expanding!


The Verulamium Museum

In November, as part of Year 4’s Roman topic, we visited the old Roman town of Verulamium.
“At the Verulmaium we saw amazing aspects of the town such as the old but huge Roman Theatre. We learnt lots and our topic is officially complete!” Sonny exclaimed.
We also saw skeletons of Roman people, beautiful Mosaics and found out about how the town got destroyed. Year 4 had an amazing time and are now all experts on the Romans!


4S danced!

We went to Winchmore School and were put into small groups. We were taught a dance routine and then performed to the rest of the class.
“I enjoyed it when Amari did the splits!” Hamza laughed.
“It was so cool because we learned our own routine and we did fun free-styles!” Alesia smiled happily.


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