4PM – Trampolining and Climbing at Winchmore School.

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On Thursday 6th June 4PM were invited to Winchmore for a PE session.  They chattered excitedly on the way there but as they entered the large sports hall they were silent. Tall Winchmore students stood round two enormous trampolines and out side, the climbing tower was as high as a two-storied building! The children looked worried but within seconds they were welcomed by the Winchmore teachers and staff.

The children were divided into two groups, one to climb first and one to bounce first.  Before long 4PM were climbing and bouncing with huge smiles on their faces.  ‘I learned new skills,’ said Hadiza.  ‘It was a brilliant experience!’ exclaimed Gzim.  ‘ I improved my climbing skills,’ explained Stephen, who has climbed a climbing wall before. ‘There was a great view!’ exclaimed Jed who managed climb almost to the very top of the tower.  4PM also realised the Winchmore students were there to help them.  ‘I liked the way the students taught us,’ said Braw.  ‘When I did something good on the trampoline they clapped me,’ explained Adeel.  What a great experience!

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