4M – Spring 2014 Highlights

June 23, 2014

Dance at Winchmore


In January, 4M were invited to Winchmore Secondary school for a dance lesson! We entered the dance studio and removed our shoes and socks. We were split into groups, each led by a Winchmore student. First we warmed up in front of the huge mirror. Then each group began to learn a different dance routine. The Winchmore students were fantastic dancers and good teachers too. Finally, after much practise, each group performed their routine. It was a fun and exciting experience.

An Edwardian School Day 4M-2

As part of Highfield’s Centenary celebrations, 4M dressed up in Edwardian clothes and spent the day as Edwardian school children.  Children should be seen and not heard was the theme for the day!  We chanted our times tables, practiced our handwriting on slates and did our drill. The teachers were very strict! The playground games, however were really good fun!  We played with hoops and skipping ropes just like we do today.  We also drew hopscotch grids on the playground and learnt how to play the game.   Our favourite game was marbles.  We played it for ages.

It was a really interesting day.  We learnt so much about life in Edwardian times but we all decided school life is better in 2014 than 1914!

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