4M – Autumn Term Highlights

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Verulamium Trip

On Monday 25th November Y4 went to the Roman Museum of Verulamium in St.Albans.  We saw beautiful mosaics, the ruins of a Roman Theatre and many exciting artifacts.  ‘’We learnt so many things,’’ explained Lia.  Aamaz was excited because he ‘’saw real skeletons for the first time!’’.  In the museum we had an artifact handling session.  “I enjoyed it when we got to touch real Roman artifacts” said Onnoy.  The children became history detectives finding out what the artifacts were and how they were used.
4M really enjoyed the trip.  It has given them fantastic ideas for their writing and history work.


What’s the Noise?

On Friday 11th October 4M performed our assembly to the school, parents and carers. Although the theme was science based we managed to add poetry, singing, dancing and drumming. It was a very enjoyable experience. Fun for everyone!

‘’I enjoyed it because I was a scientist and I like science,’’ explained Emileo.
‘’It was the first time I ever got to use a drum,’’ Oliver remembered.
‘’I was a conductor and I conducted the whole school!’’ said Kacper.


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