2W – Spring 2014 Highlights

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This term in class 2W we have done some outstanding learning! Here are some of our favourite things that we have done.

2W-1In Literacy, we read the story of Amazing Grace and learnt how to write character descriptions. The children really enjoyed this activity and produced some fantastic work! The learning that had taken place was evident in their superb character descriptions of a character called Sid which they wrote independently. They loved reenacting the scenes from the story and discussing the characters feelings.

“I enjoyed doing a character description of Sid because we described him and used lots of adjectives.” (Christabel)

For the Highfield Centenary celebrations we had lots of fun learning about life in the 1950’s. We learnt that Lego was invented, the first ever colour TV was sold and we were interested to find out that seatbelts were also invented in the 1950’s!

“When we performed our song and dance to our parents, it was amazing because everybody loved listening to ‘Rock Around the Clock’” (Mark)

In science we learnt all about Plants and Animals. The children were fascinated when they found out that flowers help us to breathe through releasing oxygen into the air. We are really looking forward to planting our seeds in our allotment next term! We sorted plants into plants that are flowering and non-flowering. Also, we learnt how to categorize animals into birds, mammals and fish.


“Humans are mammals because we have hair on our bodies like dogs, deer’s and lions.” (Qadijo)



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