2V – Spring 2014 Highlights

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In the spring term we had a visitor in our classroom. This special person was Miss Veiga’s twin sister. She asked us for help making food for her pet monster. We made some disgusting sandwiches and wrote recipes to send to her. In our recipes we included

blood, dead spiders, battery, wires, monkey teeth, cow snot and eyeballs. “My recipe was really horrid!” said Sakariya.

2V-1In the Spring term, we also celebrated Highfield’s Centenary year. Highfield became 100 years old. As part of our celebrations, we had an Edwardian Day. We all dressed up in clothes to represent Edwardian times. The boys and girls had to line up separately and we had to stand up every time an adult entered the classroom. We really enjoyed using black paper and chalk to sketch pictures of the school. These experiences helped us to gain an understanding of how life was for children when the school opened. “Life for children must have been really hard!” said Enes.


Our favourite activity from Spring term was Sports Day, which was held in our very own playground. Our class competed as a team against the other classes in Key Stage 1 and we even won a medal! Some of the exciting and challenging sports activities included hurdle jump, skipping race, racing, jumping over cones, egg spoon race and the funniest of them all, the sack race. It was an amazing day.


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