2L – Spring 2014 Highlights

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The spring term was full of amazing events. We had some visitors and did lots of wonderful work.2L-1

We really enjoyed the visit from Shakespeare actors. The spoke strangely but they were really funny. Samir even got to be in part of the play.

Miss Levison’s twin sister, Mrs Weatherwax, came to visit and she asked us to create a recipe for her sick monster, Lurg. She looked just like Miss Levison but she had strange purple hair and wore funny glasses. We made monster pops and wrote down the recipe for him.2L-2

Our favourite part of the term was the Highfield centenary. We did loads of activities to celebrate. Our era was the 1950s and we loved learning about it. Year 2 made ‘Kinetic’ sculptures and a banner using patterns from the era. We did a 1950’s dance to Jailhouse Rock and learned to sing ‘Rock Around the Clock’. On the school’s 100th birthday, we dressed up in 1950’s clothes and our parents came to watch us perform the song and dance. “It was amazing because I got to let go the balloons,” said Shania.


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