This term for 1A has been very exciting! On Friday 29th March we performed our fantastic assembly to Key stage 1 and to our parents and carers. Our assembly was based on Quentin Blake’s poem ‘Mr Magnolia’. We decided to have a class party to celebrate our assembly’s success. Artel really enjoyed performing in the class assembly, “our class assembly was so much fun, I was one of Mr Magnolia’s friends on the scooter!”

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We visited the City Learning Centre as part of our ICT. The lovely Lynda at the CLC showed us how to make Cinderella e-books using an app on the iPad called ‘Book Creator’. Kerri said, “I loved making an e-book of Cinderella.” We also enjoyed having a class picnic in the CLC’s beautiful garden! We loved our trip to the CLC and hope we can go there again soon!


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