1A – Science is fun!

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As part of our science topic we have been learning about ‘Pushes and Pulls’.  We went out into the playground and investigated different ways of doing a push, pull or both.  We learnt that when you push something, it moves away from you and when you pull something it comes towards you.  One thing Sophia found interesting was that, when you blow your breath you are actually pushing.  This also meant that you can pull with your breath, e.g. when you’re drinking juice with a straw.

After this fun activity, we investigated different ways of stopping a moving object, which was a toy car.  We found a number of ways such as, blocking it, picking it up and placing your hand on it.  But, there was a challenge!  We had to find one more way to stop the car.  Soon, Mark found it!  You just let the car stop by itself! The reason it stops is because it has no force to keep it moving.   As a result we all (especially boys) enjoyed this activity and learnt that, to move or stop something, their needs to be a push or a pull force applied to it.   Now we are enthused to find other interesting ways of using a force.  Can you think of any?


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