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  Year 1 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


1S Spring Highlights


1S has had a very busy Spring term! We have loved our Time and Place, Earth and Space topic!

At the start of the term, we wrote poems about our year group planet, Venus. We looked at images of Venus and created a word bank of nouns and adjectives to describe what we could see. Then, we used the word bank to select which words we liked best to put into our poems. Have a look at some of our amazing poems!



Rocky dusty clouds

Hot dangerous clouds

Bright shiny morning star

The hottest planet

No big moon

Red hot lava

Orange Venus

Spins clock-wise

By Sindi



Big dangerous clouds

Sandy rocky ground

Bright lovely morning star

Boiling hot lava

Slow spin clock-wise

High hot mountains

Red hot planet

No shiny moon

By Amaan










We also learnt about the first animals and people in space and even designed and created our own Space Snacks! As part of our healthy eating DT topic, we made pitta pockets. First, we had a taste test to see which dips and vegetables we liked, we planned how we would make our pitta pocket and wrote the instructions, we made the pitta pocket and filmed our friends making theirs and, finally, (of course!) we ate them!! “I loved making the pitta pockets because it tasted delicious!” explained Hasan. “We used lots of vegetables because astronauts need to keep healthy,” said India.


We can’t wait to see what the Summer term brings!

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