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  Year 1 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


Spring Term 1J News

This term has flown past so quickly and 1J have done so many exciting things. On Friday 24th February 1J had a wonderful time when they took part in the Highfield International Day. 1J chose to learn about India as their main focus of this day and all children and teachers in the class came to school dressed in either traditional Indian costume or the colours of the Indian flag – everyone looked fantastic! 1J were given the opportunity to sample some of the wonderful traditional Indian food, taught how to make beautiful Rangoli patterns and even learned how to perform an India dance.

‘This food is absolutely scrummy, I could eat a lot more !’ said Robyn, when tasting the food.

‘The Henna pattern Mrs Kamdar did on the lady’s hand was brilliant, she is so good at drawing!’ said Ben.

On Friday 17th March, it was 1J’s class assembly. As the class had enjoyed such a fantastic time on International day learning about India they were inspired to share their experiences with their parents and other children and teachers in the school. 1J told their audience the interesting facts they had learned about India and showed some of their colourful Rangoli patterns. The children retold and acted out the traditional Indian story ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ which they had also been learning about in their English lessons and sang a beautiful Indian song they had been learning about motivation, which linked with the school value. The assembly was very well supported and everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to 1J learning experiences. This made 1J’s teachers extremely proud of them.

‘The monkeys are so naughty in the story, when they take the man’s hats!’ said Scarlett.

‘I loved wearing my Indian costume again for the assembly as everyone could see it.’ said Veer

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