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  Nursery Curriculum Plan – Summer Term

Nursery spring 2017 highlights

We were very fortunate to have our local firemen from Edmonton fire station come to visit the children. Although, some children were concerned that ‘Fireman Sam’ wasn’t present they soon realised that it doesn’t matter when the fire engine and all the equipment is at their disposal.

The children were shown a poster and asked to find the things which were dangerous in the house. The firemen also talked about calling 999 in an emergency.

We all had a fantastic time climbing into the fire engine, shooting water with their hose and investigating other equipment the firemen may need.

The Nursery Team are so grateful to the firemen for visiting both in the morning and afternoon to accommodate all the children.

The nursery children have also been fortunate enough to have ‘little visitors’. As we have been talking about babies we thought it would be fun to invite a baby in to visit. We also had a toddler visiting. The children were very excited and quickly saw the differences in development and were able to compare themselves and what they can now do themselves.

“I can write” said Elsie.

“I do talking”

“I eat food.”

They were also very good at trying to take care of the younger children.





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