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Every term we go on regular visits to Sainbury’s in small groups to spend our cooking/ sensory play money. We find this very exciting! We take lists that we have written ourselves to check we do not forget anything and we pay at the self-service machine. We also think about road safety while we walk their too. 

Sol: “I checked my Gruffalo crumble list to make sure we had all of the ingredients then we put money in the pay machine.”

Enis: “You have to be so safe walking and hold your partners hand. Then listen to Miss Barnett too.”

Theo: “The pay machine gives you a receipt so you know what you have got and how much money.”

Zakariya: “The food costs money.”






‘RT’s Reading Rocket’ book corner

Our topic this term has been Earth and Space, Time and Place. We worked together to build a ‘Reading Rocket’. We made a rocket ship and a control panel. We have been on many journeys with our reading and enjoy sharing books with our friends.

Georgia: “We can read books to the puppets and sit under the stars and planets.”

Jonathan: “The rocket goes high in the sky.”

Kayla: “Me and Melika made the driving buttons for the rocket.”

Morteza: “Spacemen have to know about space by looking in books.”










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