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  Year 1 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


Spring Term 1L News

This term has been packed with excitement and amazing learning experiences. The children especially delighted in writing the story ‘The Chimps and the Hat Maker’ in their own words and then acting it for their parents in their class assembly. Also, in their assembly the children showed all they had learnt about the exciting history of space travel. Leart said “I liked being Albert the monkey who went into space.”

The children also made a space snack they thought the astronauts could enjoy on their travels. They really enjoyed tasting different vegetables and dips to put in their pita. Robin said I now really like spinach.” Each child wrote their own recipe and they took turns filming video clips of each other giving instructions on how to make their snack. The children then edited the video clips to make a short movie. Violet said “I could eat my snack all the time because it is so delicious.”


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