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  Year 2 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


Spring Term 2B News


2B’s Class Assembly

2B performed a wonderful space inspired assembly with a twist on ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. Instead of searching for bears, we were searching for aliens! ‘The big green alien was hiding in Mrs Kemal’s office and causing lots of trouble’ explained Maya. The best part of the assembly according to the children in 2B, was performing a song about shooting stars which had matching dance moves and props. ‘We got to move our silvery, glittery stars to the music and then change them into red, sparkly love hearts for the heart beat part of the song’ -Tamrynn. 







Woodcroft Wildspace

2B were luck enough to get the chance to visit Woodcroft this term and participate in a range of exciting activities. Once kitted up the children got the chance to go pond dipping and to Miss Barton’s amazement some of the children managed to catch frogs! ‘We got to gently put the net into the pond and then swirl it around to see what we could catch. Then we emptied the net into the tray and I found frogspawn!’ -Andrey. The children also got the opportunity to go on a bug hunt, looking for worms, woodlouse and a whole range of other insects. ‘I dug in the wood chips and found a massive worm wiggling around.’ – Daniella







Enfield Schools Singing

2B were lucky enough to participate in an Enfield schools singing event at a school in Enfield Town. The children had to learn 4 songs to sing in unison with the other primary schools and then an additional 1 song for Highfield’s Year 2 to perform to the other schools. We chose the song ‘We are a family’ by Jack Heartmann which the children sang beautifully and with sign language actions. ‘I liked singing with the other schools and I liked the song about Barbeque Blues.’ – Lale.







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