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Year 5 Curriculum Plan – Summer Term

Spring Term 5L News

5L have had a fantastic Spring term and have enjoyed a creative curriculum and working hard in all subjects!

Science Museum Trip


On March 21st the children in Year 5 took a trip to the Science Museum. While 5L where there, they were amazed by the Space Exhibit and loved looking at the Space Shuttles that were actually sent into Space! While they were there they visited the Wonderlab where they were able to get involved in lots of different experiments, some of these experiments included making a rocket out of paper and seeing if it could be made streamlined enough to reach the ceiling, another experiment taught them which materials produce the most friction by sliding down slides covered in various materials! They also went to the IMAX cinema and watched a Beautiful Planet which taught them about the International Space Station.


Jack said, ‘The science museum was lots of fun and we learnt so many great facts about Space!’


Ilias said, ‘I enjoyed learning about Space and doing this in an enjoyable way!’


Diego said, ’I found the Science Museum and interactive and fun trip and I will never forget it!’





This term the children in 5L have started their swimming lessons which they look forward too every Monday. Many children started off in the non-swimmers group but that soon changed when over three quarters of the class achieved their yellow ribbon, which they are all very proud of! The children that are working towards their Yellow Ribbon have also made lots of progress and will soon be able to swim a whole length of Arnos Grove Swimming Pool!


Felicity said, ‘Swimming is so fun and it helped me to get to a higher level and be more confident!’


Fatima said, ‘I have enjoyed swimming because I have been able to learn how to swim even though I started off not so good!’

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