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Year 4 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


4M Spring Class Highlight


John Canfield Visit

On Friday 3rd March, Year 4 were lucky enough to have poet John Canfield Visit Highfield Primary School. We all really enjoyed the experience as John was very enthusiastic and made writing poetry fun. The workshop we took part in was themed around the discovery of new solar system 2MASS J21265040−8140293, and linked well to our whole school topic ‘Earth and space, time and place’. During the workshop, John shared some of his poetry and together we wrote a rhyming poem that described the possible appearance of the new solar system.






Roman Day

On the 14th and 15th March, 4M had their Roman Days. Across the two days, we experienced delicious Roman Banquets, learnt Latin and worked closely with a theatre group. On the 14th March we were visited by Freshwater Theatre, who not only gave a fantastic show but also got us involved in two highly interactive workshops. On the second day, Miss Modeste and Mrs Stoughton were stunned when they were greeted by 30 Romans dressed in their finest (and authentic) Roman clothing! Dressed to impress, we took part in a wide range of activities including speech writing, recreating famous pieces of art and drama. A fun day was had by all, and a big thank you goes to all parents and carers for their support across the two days.

‘I enjoyed it when we split into two groups and wrote speeches as either Boudicca or Claudius, to see whether we would change history.’- Akram

‘I liked the fashion show because we got to strike our own poses and strut down the catwalk in our Roman clothes.’ -Katie






15 Pieces of Art

On Tuesday 21st March, 4M were lucky enough to have a workshop with Artist Peter Swidrak. During the workshop we looked at different pieces of art and noticed their fine details. We also made our own artwork inspired by Mondrian’s famous piece ‘New York Boogie Woogie’. Using artist ribbon, we made our own pictures, taking care to not use any diagonal lines. We really enjoyed working with Peter and want to thank him for coming in and working with us.

‘I liked looking at the different pieces of art during the artist treasure hunt and writing down my answers inside the time limit.’-Freddie

‘I really liked it when we got to make our own pieces of art using the artist ribbon because it was a new material to work with.’– Dzowani


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