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  Year 2 Curriculum Plan – Spring Term


Spring Term 2I News

An event that everyone in 2I enjoyed this term was International Day, for us it was Jamaica day! We had a lot of fun listening to the music of Bob Marley and retelling the traditional story of Anansi Spiderman. It was at the top of our list of highlights of the Spring Term.

Another highlight was our class visit to Woodcroft Wildspace. The visit focused on habitats and explored the pond and the undergrowth. We found an amazing number of animals, including spiders, frogs and water snails.

“I enjoyed going to Woodcroft because we got to pond dip and dig for animals. We found worms, centipedes and newts!”


Being part of the Enfield Partnership Singing Festival was also very exciting. We travelled to St Andrew’s School in Enfield Town and performed alongside other Enfield schools. We really enjoyed ourselves, performing with great confidence!

“My highlight was going to the Enfield Partnership Singing Festival because we got to sing with other schools. The songs we learnt were the songs the other schools learnt. My favourite song was The Spring Song because it tells us about what the flowers do when it is spring.”


Finally we were extremely proud of our performance in our class assembly. We retold the story of Grace and Family and shared facts about the Gambia. Some of us played the djembe drums too! We sang a lovely song about family at the end of the assembly and presented our own families with family portraits drawn inside a heart shape. Our singing was lively and enthusiastic and Mrs Kemal loved the important message our song conveyed.





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